Dress diabolical and go scary for Diabetes UK

Damian Cummins
Damian Cummins

A successful business owner who has spent periods in hospital with diabetes is turning his attention to fundraising to combat the potentially crippling disease.

Damian Cummins, who owns Events & PR in Old Stratford, will be turning the company’s offices into the most haunted of houses and inviting staff and friends to Dress Diabolical for Diabetes UK, on Friday, October 30.

Damian, who has type 2, said: “Diabetes is a scary disease, it turns your life upside down with all the injections and constant watching of blood sugar levels. But for one day it won’t be as scary as the sight of my colleagues and friends turning up in all sorts of frightening dress.”

Despite having the condition for 11 years, Damian has built his business from scratch to employing nine people.

Damian created Events and PR in October 2010 and organises a range of business awards, food and drink awards and associated events across the UK from Liverpool to Surrey.

Damian said: “Diabetes has never scared me off living the life I want to live or doing the things I want to do. I just have to be a lot more careful than people living without the condition.”

The Dress Diabolical for Diabetes UK event will be held at Events and PR’s offices at Furtho Manor Farm, Northampton Road, Old Stratford, MK19 6NR from 11am on Friday, October 30.

To make a donation to the cause (all the proceeds go directly to Diabetes UK) visit the page www.justgiving.com/eventsandpr

Diabetes UK has active support groups working locally all over the United Kingdom.

Groups typically meet once a month, but they often also take part in many other activities such as fundraising, campaigning and raising awareness.

Email volunteering@diabetes.org.uk to get in touch with the nearest group or visit www.diabetes.org.uk for more details on what the charity does, who it can provide support, on volunteering and events.