Driverless pods: ‘The whole world will be watching Milton Keynes’

Milton Keynes will be a world-leader in innovative technology when driverless pods are tested on city roads in March, says council leader Pete Marland.

Following the announcement that the project is to be given £9million funding, the city is preparing for a fleet of 40 self-driving pods to be used to test a service route from Milton Keynes Central station.

Council leader Pete Marland PNL-140412-165545001

Council leader Pete Marland PNL-140412-165545001

The first three will arrive in March, with the service to begin test runs within two years of the three-year project.

The funding will also allow for self-drive cars to be tested on the road.

In three years it’s hoped the city will have a “convenient, cheaper and environmentally aware” mode of transport, which will mean less accidents and quicker travel.

At a press conference today. Councillor Marland praised the benefits of intelligent autonomous mobility.

He added that “the world will be watching Milton Keynes” as it moves to the forefront of technology.

The man behind the project Geoff Snelson, director of Strategy at the council, says people are “understandably curious” about how driverless pods and self-drive cars work, but the people of Milton Keynes are “adventurous, enthusiastic and up for trying something new”.