Drivers checked at BP in crime crackdown

Motorists are being invited to take part in a petrol station check to ensure their vehicles are safe against criminals.

Drivers visiting a number of BP petrol stations yesterday were greeted by officers checking tyre pressures and tread and looking for other driving offences, as part of Operation Deadstock.

They were offered free anti-theft screws which can be attached to their cars to prevent them being stolen and potentially used in incidents where drivers fill up their cars with petrol before driving away, an offence known as bilking.

Motorists were also offered free safety advice to help avoid all other kinds of car crime including reminders to remove belongings and suggestions that drivers get registration numbers etched on all glass surfaces.

PCSO Chris Nicholls, said: “Thefts occurring where people are using false number plates are a common problem around the city.

“Thames Valley Police are working with BP and Partners against Crime to raise awareness and give out driver safety advice with the roads policing unit to prevent accidents and deaths.

“We have seen a steady increase in people making off without paying for petrol in the last 12 months. The offence is a serious one. It is costly and time-consuming and these people may commit further offences if they’re not stopped.”

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