Drivers fined for having excessively tinted windows


Police fined 18 drivers in Milton Keynes for having “excessively tinted windows” last week.

Last Wednesday, Thames Valley Police officers stopped 20 vehicles and took them to a check site at Graton Street.

Two vehicles were found to have front windows where the amount of light coming through was less than 31 per cent. The drivers were all fined £100 and given three points on their license.

The Road Traffic Act states that 75 per cent is the minimum amount of natural light coming through the windows required.

A total of 16 cars were found to have less than 46 per cent but more than 31 per cent, earning them a £50 fine.

Another two vehicles were advised regarding their windows which let in between 46 and 69 per cent.

Whilst on their checks for excessively tinted windows, police gave one vehicle an immediate prohibition due to the dangerous condition it was in.

The vehicle was found to have three defective tyres, a loose battery, one windscreen wiper missing, while the exhaust was defective and it had three defective lights. As a result the vehicle was not allowed to be moved on a road other than by a full recovery.

Police also found that one driver had no insurance for his vehicle, so it was seized and he was issue with a £300 penalty and six points on his license.

Police Supervisor Simon Hill from Roads Policing Milton Keynes said: “As a department we are always seeking to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

“Anything which obscures the view for the driver of the road ahead or to the side causes a real danger.

“This danger is especially evident when vehicles are emerging from side roads or junctions, and can become even worse in poor visibility or at night.

“We will continue to identify and deal with construction and use offences in an effort to continue the trend towards reducing road casualties.”