Drivers make a grave mistake

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LETTERS of apology are being sent to families of loved ones buried in Selbourne Avenue cemetery in Bletchley after visitors to a football tournament drove over graves.

Paul Flemming, chairman of Water Eaton Football Club, which organised the tournament on Saturday, was horrified by the complaints.

He explained cars were strictly marshaled away from the cemetery, but that some visitors had not only encroached on an area close to where mourners paid their respects, but that one driver had actually driven over a marked grave when leaving.

Mr Flemming said: “We apologise wholeheartedly to those who have been affected by what happened at the weekend. We marshaled the parking strictly after speaking with the council about respecting those who were visiting the cemetery.

“We started the tournament, but when the rain came, people moved their cars and one inconsiderate individual had driven over one of the graves. It’s despicable. It isn’t hidden behind a bush or anything –- it must have been deliberate.

“The first I heard of it was on Monday morning when I got a call from the council.

“All I can do is offer my apologies to anyone offended, and we are in the process of writing to everyone to apologise.”

Carol Saunders, from Bletchley, buried her sister at the Shelbourne Avenue site, and was furious to see the carnage on Saturday.

She said: “It shows complete and utter disrespect for the families who were there to pay respects to their loves ones.”

“We did not pay all this money to have my sister buried in a car park.”

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about this damage and we will be re-instating any ground which has been churned up by tyre tracks. If any damage has been caused to grave plots, we will also be repairing them. 

“We did have an informal arrangement with a local football club allowing them to use the cemetery surfaced car park as an overflow car park on match days.”