Driving me crazy in the city

Roman roundabout Bletchley'''wk10 M10 MPMC
Roman roundabout Bletchley'''wk10 M10 MPMC

DRIVING round the city I am continually frustrated.

Other motorists can really grind my gears for a multitude of reasons, leaving me to wonder how they in fact got a licence in the first place.

Slow drivers can be extremely annoying. I admit there is nothing wrong with driving carefully. People taking care while they get from A to B is fine, but that does not mean driving at 30 miles per hour on a dual carriageway.

I’m not saying I’m some boy racer because that is far from the truth. I was taught to drive properly so that I would feel comfortable driving at the correct speed for the road I am on.

Transport Department figures show 143 accidents a year are caused directly by slow drivers and nearly a third of motorists have had a ‘near miss’ caused by someone travelling slowly.

That doesn’t surprise me. I’ve had to swerve round a slow motorist and have been fortunate that someone is not racing up the side of me.

Another problem with some drivers in Milton Keynes is their lack of knowledge when it comes to using roundabouts. We all do it from time to time. Get in the wrong lane only to wait patiently before signalling and making our way across to the correct one.

But no-where in that sentence did I say get in the wrong lane, decide at the last minute you’ve made a mistake and then cut me up?

The thing with roundabouts is that if you get in the wrong lane you can make a quick loop and then get off at the correct exit.

Not wildly swing yourself across to the ‘right’ lane and potentially cause an accident.

The thing is if you live in Milton Keynes there are over 100 roundabouts around the city.

There is surely no way you can not know how to use one.

And last but by no means least the biggest bane of my driving life, people who don’t signal.

It drives me crazy, no pun intended, and is by far the single most annoying trait a fellow driver can have.

Picture the scene, you’re waiting at a roundabout or a junction and you slow down as there is a car approaching.

You think they are going to casually drift past you and then right at the last minute they turn off without indicating.

How hard is it? It’s a flick of your hand and takes less than a second to do.

It means other drivers know where you are going and it saves them having to stop allowing traffic to flow through freely.

Driving isn’t that hard when you think about it. You learn how to do it for months, sometimes years so there is no way you should be bad at it. If only that was the case we’d have less accidents – and I’d have a lot less shouting to do.