Drop-in and meet the police Superintendent

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People are invited to meet the LPA Commander at a drop-in session on November 5.

Thames Valley Police recently announced a new partnership with the business-led charity, Business in the Community. Local Business Connector Andy White has recently been working with Superintendent Barry Halliday to organise drop in sessions at Sainsbury’s, Milton Keynes.

City residents in Milton Keynes will then have the opportunity to speak in person to the LPA Commander and allow them to identify any policing issues in Milton Keynes which they would like to be addressed.

The first drop-in session which will take place on November 5, between 2pm and 4pm. Mr Halliday will welcome all questions from local residents, but would particularly welcome questions about Hate Crime. It is often difficult for people to report Hate Crime to the police, but this event will provide residents with an informal environment where they can discuss these issues. Both the CEO of Equality Council for Milton Keynes and the Police Independent Advisory Group are in full support of the event.

Mr Halliday said: “I’m looking forward to the drop-in session at Sainsbury’s. I would like people to ask me questions or report issues which they wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable speaking about in a formal police station environment.

“I hope this will be a good opportunity for residents in Milton Keynes to have a voice. Hate Crime is an issue which we always try to address but we are often concerned that it goes unreported.

“We will be able to discuss any confidential issues in a private office at the Sainsbury store. I look forward to what I’m sure will be a worthwhile event, which we plan to be the first of many”.