'˜Drunken cleaner from hell trashed house and urinated on carpet' claims Milton Keynes homeowner

A furious householder is set for a court battle after his cleaner got drunk on 15 glasses of his whisky, urinated on the carpet and took a nap in his bed.

Wednesday, 6th July 2016, 7:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th July 2016, 8:36 pm

Oliver Morris paid Milton Keynes company Domestique a £64 monthly fee to supply him with a “professional and reliable” cleaner each week.

He then paid the cleaner £8 an hour, and the system worked well – until the ‘cleaner from hell’ arrived.

Oliver and his partner left home at 10am, expecting to return to find their Woburn Sands house sparkling.

Instead they came back at midday to find a scene of “almost unbelievable chaos” that cost a whopping £3,000 to repair.

“The cleaner, a woman in her early 40s called Jane, was sitting on the stairs, reeking of alcohol, as drunk as a skunk,” said Oliver.

“There was urine all over the carpet and she was wobbling about trying to work the vacuum cleaner.”

In the kitchen was a smashed jar of marinade, smeared the sauce on the couple’s cream sofa. There were also pen marks where the cleaner had tried to scribble out the stain.

The worst shock came when 32-year-old builder Oliver and his girlfriend checked upstairs – only to find the cleaner had taken a nap in their bed.

“The bedding stank of urine and there was a perfect imprint where she laid down on top of it. She’d also left her mobile phone on the bed.”

Oliver then noticed three quarters of a bottle of his expensive whisky was missing.