Duo’s plans to launch MK based record label

MPMC Matt Johnson and Matt Jones
MPMC Matt Johnson and Matt Jones

Two ambitious music lovers will be launching a Milton Keynes-based record label as they push to raise funds for their own recording studio.

ON-Mic Records is an independent record label which seeks to support talent in the area and simultaneously encourage more live music in the city.

MPMC On Mic Records

MPMC On Mic Records

The two directors have both been involved in performing and making music for over a decade, Matt Johnson as a singer and musician, and Matt Jones as a DJ and music producer.

Law student Matt Johnson, 25, said: “We know the label would work much better with an in-house studio because the artists would have more time to work on their music.

“We also thought it would be a good idea to have a physical presence.”

So far four artists – whose names will be announced at a launch night in May – are confirmed to sign to the label and several others are in the pipeline.

Matt Jones, 29, came up with the idea for a record label several years ago but it wasn’t until he met business-minded Matt Johnson that it became a reality.

He said: “I was inspired by Alan McGee who founded Creation Records.

“His label had very few rules on genre and was involved in making music by people who really cared about good music.”

Despite having a world-wide distribution network and not wanting to restrict themselves only to artists in Milton Keynes, the two co-founders also believe it is important to help nurture the talent of musicians in the area.

Matt Johnson said: “MK’s music venues are under threat and people always seem to be pushing towards London.

“I think this city has enough diversity and talent and we want to be part of that resurgence of creativity, rather than letting it die.”

The funds raised will provide rent for the studio and help to purchase or acquire leases on equipment.

> Visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onmicrecords/innovative-recording-studio-project-milton-keynes to donate to ON-Mic Records.