Dying mum too ill for final holiday to Disneyland has Great Yarmouth fundraising page launched by friend

Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko
Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko

A poignant fundraising appeal has been launched to give a young dying mum a final fantastic holiday with her two young sons.

The tragic story of 36-year-old Angela Rose touched the hearts of readers when it appeared in the Citizen last month.

Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko

Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko

The single mum from Stantonbury has less than a year to live with terminal cancer and wanted to take her sons Carlo, eight and Niko, 12, on one last seaside holiday.

But she couldn’t afford the £1,000 peak time price of a caravan park in Great Yarmouth, so she asked the boys’ schools for permission to take them for a much cheaper week in September instead.

Little Carlo’s school, Stanton Middle, refused her plea, saying such leave could only be granted in “exceptional circumstances”.

The Citizen challenged the decision and within hours the school apologised and performed a U turn.

Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko

Angela with sons, Carlo and Niko

Now Angela is set to take Carlo and Niko, together with a friend to act as her carer, on the £400 Haven holiday on September 14.

A kind-hearted teaching assistant from Stantonbury’s Wood End school, where Carlo went previously, was so touched that she set up a fundraising page.

“I want this lovely little family to have enough money to spend so they can have a holiday of a lifetime – one with memories that the boys will treasure forever,” said Debra Sibbald.

“I wanted to raise enough to send them to Disneyland but sadly Angela is too ill to fly. So all we can do is make sure they have the holiday of their dreams and an amazing time in Great Yarmouth.”

She set a target of £1,500 and already well-wishers have donated £930.

You can donate online via THE JUST GIVING PAGE.

Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 months ago when she was 35.

Within two weeks of diagnosis she was told the cancer had spread to her bones and brain and was terminal.

“I asked how long I had and they said between one and two years. I’ve already had more than a year and every moment with my children is precious now,” she said.

Angela is now receiving palliative care and is busy making memory boxes for her children to treasure after her death.


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