E-fits released after distraction burglary

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Thames Valley Police has released e-fit images of two men they would like to speak to in connection with a distraction burglary in which jewellery was stolen from a house in Downs Barn.

At about 2.30pm on Saturday, September 8, a man arrived at the house in Saddlers Place, and claimed to have come from the council to trim trees.

As the victim, a 77-year-old woman, took the man to her back garden, she realised that she had left the front door open and went back to close it.

The man then asked for a glass of water, as she went to get that, she heard a loud thud from the stairs and realised there was a second man upstairs.

The victim realised she was being burgled and chased the men out of the house.

Police believe that the men left the area in a white Audi A3. The victim discovered that an untidy search had been conducted in the upstairs of her house in which a gold chain and an Avia gold watch had been stolen.

The two men are both white, about 6ft and large build and about 40 years old.

The first offender who claimed to be from the council has dark brown short hair, clean shaven; he was wearing sunglasses, a light blue long-sleeve shirt, dark grey trousers and a dark grey V neck sleeveless jumper.

The second offender was wearing dark clothing, a padded dark coloured jacket. He looked like he was wearing a wig which was thick brown hair. He wore dark sunglasses that he kept on the whole time.

Detective Constable Lucy Jarrett from Milton Keynes police station said: “I am appealing for any one who recognises the faces in the e-fit to come forward, or anyone who has any information about the offence or any witnesses.

“Also if any one saw two men in a white Audi A3 behaving suspiciously in the area before the offence or driving off after the offence.”