Eaglyre Kids aim to define who you are at conference


Eaglyre Kids Inc. will soon be presenting their “Defining Who You Are. A Legacy for the Next Generation” Conference at Shenley Brook End School Theatre.

From 6pm to 9pm on November 30 the event will target Parents, Teachers, Carers, Young people groups and Agencies, and people who have been emotionally, mentally and or physically abused.

It will give an introduction to living true to yourself, how to be in control of your life and embrace your life’s assignment giving people the ability to carry on when the going gets tough.

Eaglyre Kids Inc. is the Community wing of Ruach Dior International an Image Consultancy and Branding Firm. It has been purposely founded to provide holistic services to Parents, Families, Young people, their sponsors and supporters.

It is also for individuals who need help with breaking away from unwanted behaviours, attitudes and thinking patterns that are destructive and preventing stability in their lives.

For more visit the Facebook page here or the Event page here