Editor’s column: Get rid of NHS pen pushers

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I have spent many an hour over the past five weeks visiting an ageing relative in hospital, writes Olga Norford.

And not surprisingly it’s been very emotional, draining, but most of all humbling.

Humbling because when we complain of a having a bad day, of work being stressful, of things getting on top of us, we should stop and think again. Because given the choice most of us would never choose to swap places with nursing staff.

The caring profession deserve every penny they get and more. These angels demonstrate best what people skills really mean – without their commitment and compassionthere would be no real NHS – as ever it’s those on the frontline who make all the difference.

That’s why news that Milton Keynes Hospital is to recruit more nursing staff is to be welcomed.

Hospital wards and A&E in particular have been stretched to breaking point; More nurses are needed to relieve the growing pressures and cope with increasing demands on hospital services. But as with many public bodies there are too many chiefs and not enough indians.

The solution is to get rid of the all pen pushers which accommodate so many desks in the higher echelons of the NHS and better reward the nursing staff who already do a magnificent job – and employ more of them.

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