Editor’s column: Help us beat the cold

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Last year one person in Britain died every five minutes due to the cold weather; the death toll in Milton Keynes was 102 – a figure which is difficult to fathom.

More shocking is that Britain reels from a winter death rate twice as high as some of the world’s coldest countries.

It is hard for most of us to believe, as we sit in our centrally-heated houses, that elderly and vulnerable people are risking their health and their lives because they cannot afford to keep warm.

This winter we are determined the chilly weather death toll will be drastically reduced, if not non-existent.

This is why we are urging you to support the Surviving Winter campaign launched by the MK Community Foundation and backed by the Citizen.

The campaign gives people what they need – hands on help. Your donations will buy heaters for elderly people, blankets and even draught excluders to keep the chill out of their homes.

It will pay for the YMCA to open emergency night shelters so homeless people are not sleeping on our icy streets.

We are asking business, organisations, schools and individuals all over our city to support this campaign.

Please join us by logging on towww.localgiving.com/charity/mkcomfoundation

By Olga Norford