Editor’s column: No one should die like this

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It’s incredibly sad and, somewhat depressing, that in this age of modern technology an elderly man can lie dead on the floor of his home for weeks on end without being discovered.

The subject of one of our stories this week is indeed extremely disturbing, but unfortunately the reality of the world we live in, despite it now being dominated by all manner of ways in which make contact with people.

The full circumstances of Mr King’s death are not yet known, but what is known for sure is that the manner of his death is as bleak as it comes. Was there really no one out there who cared enough to try and make contact at least once a month?

Perhaps it is easy to look at his neighbours and wonder why they didn’t notice that something wasn’t right.

But despite living in a world where communicating has never been easier, people appear to have given up on the most basic and human form of it – talking to each other face to face.

Most of us lead very busy lives dominated by work and family, or both, and who can honestly say they would notice if they didn’t see one of their neighbours for a few weeks?

It’s no longer the milk bottles building up that would raise concerns, it’s the bounced back email from a full inbox.

Simon Downes