Editor’s column: Putting things into perspective

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In my day you were more likely to be caught with a conker than a genuinely dangerous weapon in a school playground.

But the subject of our lead story on page 5 this week is a sad sign of the times.

But some things don’t seem to be adding up. These days we are often informed, and reassured, by police that the number of reported crimes are on a downward trajectory.

Yet, it seems, you have never been more likely to be the victim of a serious assault in school – be it teacher or child.

You often hear of school headteachers being way overprotective when it comes to what pupils can and can’t do, but the subject of our story seems to put the occasional bruised knee or bloody nose into some sort of perspective.

Talking of perspective, you can’t help but have been moved by the images now emerging from the disaster in the Philippines.

Remember the over the top news reports in the lead-up to our own so-called super storm a couple of weeks ago?

You might not have known it before this week, but MK is the adopted home of many Filipino families, some of whom will be going through the sort of anxiety that most of us will, thank God, never have to. If you can spare anything that might help them in their hour of need, please do so.

Olga Norford