Editor’s Column: Shame on those responsible for Railcare shambles

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Last week 118 workers at Railcare were devastated at news of redundancies at the Wolverton train depot.

Some, like Robert Smith, of Furzton, had given many years’ service and were approaching retirement when they got their marching orders.

Mr Smith described himself as one of the lucky ones as he was due to hang up his rail cap in September. But he talked of many others, a lot younger, that were reduced to tears after the bombshell.

A young lad who went home and ‘cried his eyes out’ when he learned of his fate and others who had families to feed and those who still had jobs but didn’t know for how long or when they would next be paid.

Redundancy and the reality of unemployment is a sad fact of life – particularly in the current economic climate.

But what was hard to stomach for this proud workforce, who represented a rail legacy dating back 175 years, was the harsh manner in which the announcement was made.

Mr Smith recalls how workers were called together and names just read out like a roll call. Cold, heartless and insensitive. Shame on those responsible.

They would do well to remember – there but for the grace of God....