Editor’s column: They should have taken better care of Railcare workers

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The news that Railcare is back on track with a new owner is to be welcomed, writes Olga Norford.

Even better news is that some of those made redundant may be re-employed and that the new company may even look to recruit people by October.

Managers from the new German owned business gave a presentation to the workforce on Tuesday with the union Unite saying it will ensure those who lost their jobs are considered first when it comes to handing out new contracts.

Some may not want to return given the circumstances and who could blame them? 
They could rightly argue it’s little compensation for all the anguish and distress suffered by those hit by the Railcare fiasco last month.

But what has to be questioned is why all the redundancies were necessary in the first place?

Call me cynical but surely a new owner doesn’t come on board that quickly?

Surely the powers that be would have known something was in the offing and could have thrashed out a deal to stave off redundancy?

It’s even more ridiculous when you consider all the heartache could have been avoided as bosses admit those very same skilled workers who were sacked are now imperative to secure the future of the historic Wolverton works.