Children preparing for ‘World of Work’ after successful MK pilot

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A new teaching activity piloted in Milton Keynes school is set to be rolled out across the country.

The ‘World of Work’ scheme encourages 9-11 year olds to play career cards and talk to real workers.

It aims to teach people about the value of a good education, future job prospects and careers options.

Developed by Milton Keynes-based charity Worktree, the system has been praised by politicians, pupils and former teachers alike.

In ‘World of Work’, children trade career facts and debate the social value of different jobs, like why a nurse is paid £15 per hour compared with a professional footballer’s £880 per hour.

MP for Milton Keynes North, Mark Lancaster, said: “It’s really important to make sure young people are thinking about getting into work as early as they can and ‘World of Work’ is a great way to do this.”

Headteacher at Bushfield School in Wolverton, Andrea Curtis, added that the scheme doesn’t just help children learn about jobs, but also to develop “literacy and critical thinking by listening to what is said and digesting the information before asking other questions.”

And one Year 5 pupils added: “I used to think school was nothing, but now I think I need to get a good education to get the job I want when I’m older.”

Paul Hussey, a former headteacher and now an educational consultant, observed one ‘World of Work’ session.

He told the Citizen: “Perceptive and unflinching, the children’s questions were direct, astute and because the children listened to the answers, led on to further enquiry.

“As well as helping raise children’s aspirations, ‘World of Work’ provides evidence for Ofsted of quality speaking and listening and engagement with the local community.”

> Worktree is the newly branded version of Countec.

After 20 years of service as Milton Keynes Education Business Partnership, Countec Ltd was re-branded ‘Worktree’ in August 2012.

A video about the move from Countec to Worktree can be seen here.