Fancy dress challenge for future workforce

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The workers of the future are learning all about the variety of occupations open to them after raiding the dressing up box for a special careers day.

Youngsters at Moorlands Nursery School in Beanhill may have a few years yet before they need to decide which job is for them but the ‘I want to be day’ saw them don clothes that represent a job they would like to do ‘when they grow up’.

From doctors, lawyers and project managers to police officers and even a head teacher – all sectors were covered.

The day was part of a sponsored charity event for Save the Children.

Head teacher Debbie Wells said: “It is important for children – even those as young as three and four – to understand that grown-ups have a range of different jobs.

“In nursery we have had many visitors recently, talking about the jobs they do and the skills that they have learnt in order to do their jobs.”