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STUDENTS have been celebrating some top GCSE results with one Milton Keynes school earning 100 A* grades between just eight pupils.

Teachers at Shenley Brook End School were delighted with grades obtained by pupils Steven Brown, Sally Pickard, Colette Squires, Georgia Bloyce, Rebekah Wells, Athene Broad, Nilam Jivram and Liberty King, who collectively achieved the 100 A*s.

Overall, 97 per cent of students gained five or more GCSEs at C grade or above.

Mr Martin, head of Shenley Brook End, said: “It really has been a phenomenal year in terms of results for our school, and certainly the year with the most A*s.

“This is a huge stepping stone for the students that want to go on to Oxford and Cambridge, and they and in an ideal position to do that – they’ve laid the groundwork.

“Next year will also our biggest sixth form intake so we’ve had an excellent year.”

Denbigh School continues to break records by producing, yet again, a truly outstanding set of GCSE results; 92 per cent of its students achieved five or more A* to C grades, with 73 per cent of these achieving A* to C grades in both English and maths – a further increase on both benchmarks compared to last year.

There were many individual outstanding performances and achievements, with the top 10 students achieving the equivalent of 15 A* grades each and many students taking AS levels a year early.

Sarah Parker, headteacher at Denbigh, said: “This is a superb achievement for these students and we are really proud of them. This year’s cohort has achieved a stunning set of results. We are very pleased that these sit alongside a record set of A Level result. The success of the students just serves to underline Denbigh’s continuing commitment to high quality teaching and learning and the development of real partnerships between students, teachers, and parents – all of whom contribute towards the very high achievement.”

Ria Shah achieved 7A*, 6A, and a B, and is now going to sixth form to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography. She said: “I’m really happy with my marks, and my parents are proud! After sixth form. I want to go on to do dentistry – it’s always something that I’ve been interested in.”

Izzy Watson earned 9 A and 3 A* and will now study maths, biology, physics and English. She said: “I’m delighted with my marks – we all put in a lot of time and effort to get them. I don’t know what I want to do after sixth form – something I enjoy doing I hope!”

Kamrua Nessa achieved 2 A* and 11 A, and will stay on to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She said: “It’s great to finally have our results and to have done well. After I do sixth form, I’d love to go to university to study to become a doctor.”

Jessica William achieved 7A*s, a number of As and a B and will be studying maths, further maths, economics and German in sixth form. She said: “I want to do something with maths or economics in the future, but I don’t know what jobs that’ll lead me to!

“I didn’t think I’d do so well, so it was a pleasant surprise.”

Charlotte Lewis, got 5 A*, 4 A and a B. She said: “I’m really pleased with my results, and want to go on and do something I really enjoy doing at university.

“We are told we have to make our decisions very early, but it’s not something that plays on our minds.”

Karishma Thakrar achieved 7 A*, 4 A and 2 B grades. She said: “I haven’t told my parents yet, but I’m sure they’ll be proud of me.”

Tim Bell earned 10 A*and 2 A and will now go to sixth form to study maths, further maths, physics and German. He said: “I wasn’t one to lock myself away to do the revision, I did go out, but I did revise a lot and at times had to shut myself off. It was a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.”

Hannah Giles got 6 A* and 3 A, and will now be studying German, English, Biography and Geography. Hannah, whose mum is a German teacher at the school, said: “She did help me revise, but it was a bit too much like being in school! I found it easier to revise by myself most of the time anyway. I’d love to go to university to do something to do with geography.”

GCSE results showed an improvement on last year at the Milton Keynes Academy.

Overall, the number of higher grades has increased and overall results have improved.

A student who has special cause to celebrate is Ilum Ali who achieved eight A grades. Ethan Laurent was delighted with three A*, 5 As, seven Bs and five Cs. He said: “I am not surprised because I have been working hard. I want to go on and study engineering now.”

Roda Farah was also pleased with her GCSE results of two A*s, one A, five Bs and nine Cs. She also achieved a BTEC distinction. She said: “I feel really good. I plan to go to Studio 6 now and study psychology and English Language.”

Overall, 99 per cent of students achieved five or more A* to E grades while 72 per cent gained five or more A* to C grades.

Principal Mrs Caldicott said: “I am pleased with this year’s results and they reflect the hard work of the students and the staff.”

The Radcliffe School students are also celebrating some outstanding results with 88 per cent of students achieving five A* to C grades, a new record for the school. An impressive 98 per cent achieved five A* to G grades.

Overall, the students achieved significant improvements in A and B grades awarded, A grades being up from 7.2 per cent to 10.1 per cent and B grades up from 22.3 per cent to 28.4 per cent.

Among the great individual success stories were Anais Berriman who, in achieving nine A*s, five A, four B, and one C grade established a new school record.

Lauren Godwin achieved four A*s, 10 A, one B and three C grades with Asma Qureshi earning nine A*s, two As and six Bs.

Lui Jun Wang achieved six A*s, two A, two B and four C grades.

Students at Newport Pagnell’s Ousedale Campus continued the school’s improving exam results trend with 40 students getting eight A* to A grades or more and 82 per cent earning A to C grades.

Five students in particular were singled out for praise with Emma Attwood achieving 12 A*s, Laura McCoubrey earning 11 A*s and an A, Sam Haslam, with nine A*s and three As, Tom Keeley, who earned four A*s and six As and Lil Stanton who achieved three A* and nine As grades.

Mrs Sue Carbert, headteacher at Ousedale, said: “We have had more As and A*s in academic subjects than ever before, so we are delighted. We’ve had 40 students getting eight A*-A grades or more and 82 per cent getting A-C grades.

“This is my first year as the head so I’m absolutely delighted. We have a fantastic sixth form here too and it’s lovely to see so many students staying here.

“We are really proud of the students and the teachers too – they all put in so much work for their results.”

Oakgrove School have once again achieved excellent GCSE results following their past exam success since opening in September 2005. The estimated headline figure for A* to C grade passes is 88 per cent, with over 65 per cent of students attaining 5 A* to C passes including English and Mathematics.  

Key student achievements included Patiya Green who achieved an outstanding 10 A*s across all her subjects. Twin sisters, Beatrice and Hester Ormerod, also achieved remarkable results with 19 A* stars between them - a superb sister act! Fellow student Charlotte Pearson gained a tremendous twelve A*s, six A grades and an A for AS level French.

Core academic subjects performed exceptionally strongly. There were record breaking Maths results with 76 per cent of students gaining A* to C passes and excellent achievements in Modern Foreign Languages including A*s in Russian for Irena and Mary Chivers.

Peter Barnes, Headteacher, was delighted with Oakgrove School’s GCSE summer results, he said: “They demonstrated that excellent performance could be achieved in rigorous academic subjects”

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