GALLERY: Students celebrate their exam success

Students celebrate their great results
Students celebrate their great results

THOUSANDS of teenagers across the city have been celebrating after picking up some fantastic A-level results.

Sarah Parker, Headteacher at Denbigh school, said: “The results have been very good this year and all indications are that they are up on last year too. The average for our students was 225 UCAS points with a 99 per cent pass rate.

“I’m delighted for all our students because of all the hard work they’ve put in over the last two years and they deserve their excellent results and to enjoy them.

“Students can only ever take the exams which are put in front of them by the exam board. The results they are getting come after a lot of work from the students themselves and from the teachers and people around them.

“It’s a real shame that people try and belittle the grades they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Katie Anders achieved two A*, an A and a B. She said: “It feels really good and I’m really pleased. I’m going to Warwick University to study biology, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always known I wanted do biology, and I’d like to go into research afterwards, maybe when I’ve done a masters or a PhD!”

Jessica Bland, got two A* and two A grades and is now going to Leeds to study broadcast journalism. She said: “I’m really looking forward to university. I want to be a political correspondent and then hopefully a news reader – I want to be the next Fiona Bruce!”

Suganiya Mahalingham, is aiming to work for NASA after completing a Masters degree. She got an A*, two A grades and a B. She will be going to Nottingham to study Maths and Engineering.

Philip Holliday achieved two A* and one A and will now go to Manchester to study Maths. He said: “I was lucky in that my plan was to get into maths, and that was one of my strengths so I knew what I needed to for for my A Levels.

“I would like to get into research, or if I don’t enjoy it, maybe a job in finance – where all the money is!”

Bhavik Mistry achieved two A*, an A and a B qualifying him for a place at UCL where he will study Chemical engineering. He said: “My degree will involve things like engineering petrol, or making drugs! I haven’t told my parents yet, but I’m sure they’ll be pleased.”

Aneesa Parhar will be studying Psychology at Aston after she got an A*, an A and a B. She said: “I’ve no idea what I’m planning to do after my degree! But I’m delighted with my results and can’t wait for university.”

Sarah Howkins, A* A* A

“I can’t believe it – I’m so happy! We all put in so much work to get the A-Levels, and I spent so much time worrying about them so it’s such a relief to have done so well. You just have to lock yourself away in your bedroom with your books and revise. It’s really annoying when people do hardly any revision and come away with great results as well!

“We have to make decisions about our future so early on - we pick our GCSEs when we are 14 and it’s hard to know what you want to do when you’re that age.”

Peter Manley, Headteacher at St. Paul’s, said: “Our students have done very well again this year, and we’ve got a lot of smiling faces around. We have improved upon last year.

“Most of the students are going off to university with their first choice, with only a few going with their insurance choice, or through clearing.

“The students work hard every year. They are better prepared nowadays than they used to be, and have more information available to them more of the time to help them through the exams.

“And many of them are more clear on what they want to get out of the exams and more have a long-term plan’s than when people took their A-levels 15 years ago, which certainly helps.

“Whether the exams are easier is immaterial because you just can’t compare exams to that period.”

Oakgrove School has achieved outstanding A Level results this summer with almost all students achieving A Level passes and over 37% obtaining A* - B grades; the majority of students have secured places at their university of choice. As Oakgrove Sixth Form only opened in September 2009, this is a landmark set of results for the school.

Early indications are that university applications have been hugely successful with students studying a variety of degree courses including Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Archaeology, Equine Sports Therapy and Journalism. Top achievers included Matthew Jones who gained A*s in Geography, History and Government and Politics; as well as an A in English Literature. He will be going on to read Politics with International Studies. Lakshya Gupta also achieved A*s in Maths, Biology and Physics as well as an A in Chemistry – Lakysha will now study for a degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London.

Other students secured places at Kings College, London to study Biochemistry; Sheffield University to study History and Politics, as well as Geography at Manchester University. Further afield, Danielle Kerindi will be taking up a place at Jacksonville State University in the United States where she has been awarded a sports scholarship for her tennis coaching.

Peter Barnes, Headteacher, said he was delighted with the results which reflected, once again, ‘Oakgrove’s commitment to the highest of academic standards in demanding and rigorous subject disciplines.’

Ousedale School 6th Form has once again sustained the high standards that they have established over the past 5 years. They were thrilled with the average points score per candidate of 935. This latest set of results means it is now the 5th year in a row where they have exceeded the 900 point benchmark. A figure which last year, and the preceding 3 years, placed them in the top 50 of comprehensive schools in the country. Almost 50% of students gained A*s/A or B grades.

The students have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results and have once again been supported by a committed, dedicated and knowledgeable staff at every stage. Whilst we recognise the hard work of all our students and celebrate their successes with them, it is also important to acknowledge those students who have excelled at the very highest levels.

A selection of their top performers at A2 this year who all achieved a range of A* and A grades were: Emily Anderson, Tom Boddy, Eliot Humphris, Jack Jewson, Caroline Kennedy, Katherine Turner and Gemma Westcott.

Milton Keynes College’s sixth form, MK6, celebrated its highest ever A-Level pass rate today.

Ninety-seven per cent of second year A-Level students achieved passes.

“This is up another per cent from last year’s excellent results, and I’m proud of every one of our 80 students, who have all worked extremely hard,” said Duncan Lovell, head of MK6, based at MK College’s Bletchley Campus.

“We’re particularly pleased with the improvement in maths and sciences, which is an area we have focused on, where the overall success rate is up by around 10% from last year,” he added.

Individual successes included mature student Stuart Stach, aged 27, who got 2 A*s in Physics and Maths, an A in Law and an A grade AS level in Further Maths.

College staff were confident students stood a good chance of securing university places, despite a record number of applications due to this being the last year before fees go up. “It was more important than ever for us to give realistic predictions of grades,” said Duncan.

Staff, students and parents at The Radcliffe School are celebrating record A Level results for the third year in succession, 54 per cent – up 5 per cent on the previous year – achieved A* to B grades with a 99 per cent pass rate overall. Every single student and subject area has contributed to these positive outcomes.

Sport and Art and Design were among the most successful subjects achieving 100% A* - B grades.

Among the many high achieving students were May Bulman – English A*, History B, French B, Art and Design Dist (=B) Carisa Grimes – Art and Design double Dist (=AA), Performance double Dist* (=A*A*), Sociology B and History D,Laura Christmas – Performance double Dist* (=A*A*), English B, Sociology B and History D.

Fay Wilson – Art and Design double Dist (=AA), English C, Sociology D and History E, Isabelle Pryor – Performance double Dist* (=A*A), Sociology B and English C and Ranaz Ali – Performance double Dist* (=A*A*), History C and Sociology C.

Headteacher, John O’Donnell said: “We are delighted that the vast majority of our students have achieved the results which will enable them to fulfil their ambitions, be that through University (all students achieved sufficient UCAS points for their choice of University), Apprenticeship or other Vocational routes. I am extremely proud of the efforts made by students, staff and parents which have enabled such positive outcomes.”

Stantonbury Campus students and teachers are celebrating a successful set of results at A level in 2011.

173 students studied a full range of qualifications including traditional A levels, BTEC Nationals, the Creative and Media Diploma and the IFS Diploma in Financial Education. Across all these qualifications, students have achieved success preparing them for University and employment.

Students have gained places at some of the most prestigious universities including Imperial College, Durham, Exeter and York to read courses ranging from Physics to Drama. Despite all the concerns about university admissions this year, nearly all Stantonbury students have places at university for October.

This year’s cohort achieved a big rise in the total qualifications they achieved, reflecting the growing popularity of adding the IFS Finance Diploma and A level General Studies to their traditional programme. Students continue to take advantage of the huge range of subjects and qualifications they can study for at Stantonbury Campus.

Also, very pleasing has been the achievement of students at level 2, who needed to build their qualifications at GCSE equivalent to allow them to move on in their education. Of eight students who took the BTEC Certificate in Health and Social Care, six achieved starred distinctions, equivalent to an A* at GCSE and 2 a distinction, equivalent to an A.

Lord Grey School in Bletchley is once again encouraged by its A2 results for Year 13 students for the summer of 2011. The pass rate at A2 and A level equivalency stands at 99.5%, which is well above the national average of 98.1 per cent last year and up from the 98.4 per cent they achieved in 2010. This is fantastic news for Lord Grey School which is a key partner within MK South Sixth Form.

One great success story for MK South Sixth Form is Luke Baker. Luke, who studied at Leon School for Years 7-11 and then transferred to Lord Grey School for his A levels, has got in to Girton College, Cambridge to read Natural Sciences. Luke and his parents were thrilled when they heard the news and Luke said: “I think the A* in Biology tipped it for me.”

Fellow Sixth Formers were also pleased for him and lots of hugs and handshakes took place in the Sixth Form Study Centre when the news came through. Lord Grey Headteacher, Dr Tracey Jones, commented: “this is real partnership work. He did his groundwork at Leon School and his A levels here at Lord Grey, this is great news for both communities.”

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