Hair today – all gone tomorrow

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A long-haired little girl has spent two years growing her locks – just so she could have them chopped off in memory of her schoolmate.

Caring Abbie-Jane Whiles decided when she was five years old that she wanted to give her hair to make wigs for children who had cancer.

But it has taken two years of determined growing for it to reach the required length of seven to eight inches,

Next month Abbie-Jane will have her hair publicly chopped during the summer fete at her school, St Mary Magdalene in Greenleys.

The tresses will be donated to the Little Princess Trust. But Abbie-Jane’s plan does not stop there, her mum Sian told the Citizen.

“She worked out she could ask people to sponsor her for the haircut. She decided to donate that money to Harry’s Rainbow, a charity in memory of Harry Mould who was a pupil at her school,” said Sian.

Harry died when he was five after he was admitted to MK Hospital with asthma.

The coroner later ruled there had been negligence and failures by the hospital.

Harry’s parents set up the charity to help other bereaved families and siblings.

Abbie-Jane, who lives in Bletchley, said: “I wanted to raise money for Harry’s Rainbow. And I wanted to help little girls lose their hair when they are poorly because I think it is sad.”

Abbie-Jane can be sponsored on