Healthy and happy is the key for students

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DELIGHTED pupils at Loughton School are celebrating being one of the first schools to win a ‘Schools for Life’ award.

A number of Year 6 Play Leaders and Eco-Warriors from the school, located on Bradwell Road, were given the opportunity to participate in the special ‘Schools for Life’ award ceremony.

The ceremony was held at The Hazeley School and pupils were thrilled to attend and represent their fellow classmates.

Loughton School successfully met the standards required to receive the ‘Schools for Life’ award after proving it is committed to promoting the health and well-being of its pupils.

Its achievement means that the school is one of the first six schools in Britain to be presented with the ‘Schools for Life’ award.

At the event, the youngsters performed a poem to describe why their school is so happy and healthy.

There were a variety of performances with singing, power point presentations and even dancing taking centre stage.

Play Leaders Georgia Gray, Tania Gerra, Jack Ward, Kubra Bozan, Debbie Ajigbolamu and Ann Koleth and Eco-Warrors Maddy Davies and Maddy Ellis were ‘extremely pleased’ to participate at the event.

The Loughton school poem read: “Loughton is the best,

“Our School is healthy and happy,

“Us at Loughton work as a team,

“Going for goals is our dream,

“Health and happiness are the key to learning,

“Trying our best is what we do,

“Opening our eyes to new opportunities,

“Nothing can stop – we are mighty Loughton School.’

Loughton School is for children aged 7 -11.

The school aims to inspire children to ‘recognise and achieve their full potential and become considerate, respectful and aware members of society through excitement in learning and working with the community in a secure and caring environment.’

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