Library review reads well for Milton Keynes Council

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City libraries are performing above the national average according to an update on a review of the future of libraries published by the council.

The data forms part of a council report on the first year of delivery of a three year strategic review ‘Future Library – Milton Keynes’, which has the overall vision to ‘deliver a comprehensive and efficient customer focused provision into the future’.

Tasks completed in this first year have included a review of customer service resulting in training for staff, the development of community asset related partnership agreements for Woburn Sands and Stony Stratford, the opening of the Central Library on a Sunday for the first time, and the use of libraries as ‘community hubs’ for example the Registrar Service operates from Westcroft and Central Libraries one day a week and the National Careers Service uses all libraries to deliver their service.

A survey of customer use was also carried out as part of the review which showed that 93 per cent rated the libraries as very good or good. Issues relating to the attractiveness and accessibility of Kingston Library were raised, which have all been taken into consideration in the planning of the new library there.

Cabinet Member for economic development and enterprise, Councillor David Hopkins, said: “This first year has shown that we have made many improvements to ensure that our libraries are delivering a quality service to local people and are continuing to improve. The review makes it clear that libraries are rightly valued as educational institutions and as centres of the community and are central to the well-being and economic development of the borough.

“The review is really an ongoing consultation to refine a service that is flexible in character and fit for purpose in times of constant change.”