Residents slam school parking


The chief constable has been urged to investigate the problem of parents parking badly outside a city primary school.

Resident Paul Van den Hende has written to police and councillors about the problems caused at drop off and pick up times outside Bradwell Common’s Summerfield school.

Mr Van de Hende lives a few doors away from the school in Downley Avenue and said that careless parking on pavements is making life hell for him and his neighbours.

“We residents are clearly inconvenienced by the situation, however we are more concerned that children’s lives are being put at risk,” he said.

He is suggesting the morning and afternoon scrambles could be alleviated by building more lay-bys as drop-off points in nearby Bradwell Common Boulevard.

He also suggests providing zebra crossings, speed bumps, making parts of the street one way and banning everybody apart from residents from parking on roads surrounding the school.