Something fishy about nursery school’s ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted

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A nursery school has plummeted from an outstanding Ofsted to ‘inadequate’ after serving FISH dinners to vegetarian pupils.

Eaton Mill Nursery in Bletchley was slammed for weakness in leadership that could affect the pre-school children’s safety.

The school is part of the Premier Academy, whose head Warren Harrison hit the headlines last year for earning more than £140,000 a year - a salary bigger than the Prime Minster’s.

Ofsted inspectors judged it to be outstanding in 2013.

The latest inspection report, published last week, ruled the quality of teaching was ‘good, and praised initiatives such as providing yoga for the pupils, who range from babies to four year olds.

But it still gave an overall grade of ‘inadequate’

Inspectors stated: “On occasion, vegetarian children receive fish to eat. This does not sufficiently meet their dietary requirements.”

They add: “Weaknesses in leadership and management mean children’s well-being and safety cannot be fully assured.

It is understood the fish blip came to light after some concerned veggie parents complained to Ofsted,

A source said: “It may sound trivial as some vegetarians do indeed eat fish.

“But many do not. And what if one of those children was a veggie because they had an allergy to fish? I would certainly be serious then.”

Mr Harrison, who also runs the Premier Academy primary school linked to the nursery, refused to comment to the Citizen.

Last year he described his salary as “normal” for a head running “the top scoring school in Milton Keynes.”

Eaton Mill nursery, which is based in Saffron Street in Bletchley, offers “wrap around” childcare for children aged three months to four years.

The original Eaton Mill school and nursery opened in 1953 and its purpose was primarily to take the children of railway workers, many of whom has moved from London.

Now called Premier Academy, the primary school was rated ‘good by Ofsted at the last inspection. It is the top scoring primary in league tables for MK.