young drivers learn about driving safely


Hundreds of young people have been given reason to “Safe Drive, Stay Alive” in a hard-hitting event organised by Milton Keynes Council.

The event, held at The Ridgeway Centre on November 27-28, is a theatre project which explores the circumstances and consequences of a road traffic collision to educate teenagers about the importance of driving safely.

Students watched a film of a crash in the city, taking place on local roads. As the emergency services arrive on the scene, the faces on film literally step onto stage, as the people who were at the incident then spoke to the audience about their experiences, the reactions of the driver and passengers, the medical implications and how seeing such trauma affected them personally.

Members of all the emergency services then described their experiences, including those who have suffered in a crash themselves or lost a family member to one.

Pete Marland, leader of Milton Keynes Council, who attended one of the performances on 28 November, said: “Safe Drive Stay Alive is a very emotive project with a hard-hitting message.

“Hearing the personal accounts of those who have been directly affected by a traffic collision, whether it is a member of the emergency services who has arrived at the scene of a crash or a person who has lost a member of their family to one, really enforces the importance of driving safely to the young people in the audience.”

Safe Drive Stay Alive is produced by a road safety partnership including Thames Valley Police, local councils, the emergency services, and the Safer Roads Partnership. Each partner has been working for years to reduce the number of people dying on the roads.