Ee by gum, ban on chewing in CMK?

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The city centre could be the first place in the UK to operate a Singapore-style ban on chewing gum.

Sticky deposits on pavements are proving so unsightly – and so costly to remove – that a campaigning group is calling for a strict ‘no gum zone’ to be enforced.

And if anybody is caught chewing or, even worse, spitting, they could face on the spot fines.

This week Citizen readers are urged to chew the suggestion over and give their views.

The proposal comes from After8, a group of city professionals and authorities. It has already received interest from management at Xscape, Midsummer Place shopping Centre, The Hub and the Theatre District.

Each complained of the “antisocial” appearance of discarded gum on pavements and the sticky problem of removing it

It can cost a council as much as 10p to remove a single piece of chewing gum from a street, say After8.

Members conducted their own surveys on pavements around CMK and in one particular square foot found 22 pieces of gum.

After8 chairman Phil Winsor said: “Chewing gum littering has become an unattractive irritant that many wish to see the back off.

“We need to take on board the views of city centre users and in conjunction with Milton Keynes council and partners identify solutions.”

A special email address for people to share their views has been set up at