Eezy choice for cabbie to return lost £2,500

Khaliq Rehman
Khaliq Rehman

An honest taxi driver who found a small fortune in the back of his cab has been praised for returning the cash to its rightful owner.

Eezy Cabs driver Khaliq Rehman discovered £2,500 under the seat of his people-carrier on Sunday. He had just dropped off a group of youngsters at Cranfield University.

Within 15 minutes of finding the lost lolly, Mr Rehman had turned the cab around to drive seven miles out of MK to hand the cash back.

Mr Rehman, of Wolverton, said: “It was nothing, I was just doing my job.

“Money comes and goes, I just want to make my customers happy.”

The taxi driver, who has been working in the trade for a decade, was rewarded £10 for his good deed.

He added: “The man who had left his backpack in the car was really grateful to get it back.

“He said I was a very honest guy.”

Ziaqat Ali, the boss of Newport Pagnell-based Eezy Cabs, said he was very proud of his employee.