Elderly guests needed for Sunday tea-time

VOLUNTEERS who give tea and companionship to lonely elderly people are appealing for more guests.

Contact the Elderly groups meet for Sunday tea once a month.

Each older member is assigned a driver to take them to the home of a volunteer host.

Here they are given tea and cakes and the opportunity to chat with a small group of fellow pensioners.

“They visit a different host each month but the group remains the same and relationships grow,” said support officer Suzan Hyland.

“There’s a warm welcome, a family home and a chance to meet old friends and new. It provides older members with companionship and a vital link with the community from which they have become isolated.”

Contact the Elderly helps people who live alone, are often into their 80s or 90s, and are unable to get out without a help.

There are two groups in Milton Keynes, each taking out up to eight isolated people each month,

The youngest member is 75 and the oldest is 100,” said Suzan.

There are now spaces for up to five more guests. Anybody interested should contact Suzan on 0207 420 5811 or email suzan.hyland@contact-the-elderly.org.uk.