ELECTION DAY: Who is running to be my councillor?

Matt Woodruff has introduced a 'Tory tax' for anyone who voted Conservative
Matt Woodruff has introduced a 'Tory tax' for anyone who voted Conservative

As thousands of people across Milton Keynes head to the polls, here is the full list of candidates running for a seat in Milton Keynes Council.

> Bletchley East

Carole Diane Baume - Labour

Ian Craig Nuttall - Liberal Democrats

Vince Peddle - UKIP

Michael John Sheppard - Green Party

Michael James Somerton - Conservative

> Bletchley Park

Susan Marcia Burke - Liberal Democrats

Ann Melissa Clancy - Conservative

Samantha Jay Pancheri - Green Party

Adrian Bruce William Pitfield - UKIP

Elaine June Wales - Labour

> Bletchley West

Liz Campbell - Green Party

Maggie Geany - Conservative

Moriah Priestley - Labour

Bill Smith - UKIP

Alfred Dominic Vella - Liberal Democrats

> Bradwell Ward

Robin Martin Bradburn - Liberal Democrats

Rachel Susan Joan Cadger - Green Party

Max Chaudhry - Conservative

Cathy Kitchiner - UKIP

Rachel May Pallett - Labour

Katie Simpson - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

> Broughton

Kerrie Cheri Bradburn - Liberal Democrats

Ruth Anne Elizabeth Cover - Labour

Katrina Jean Deacon Creaser - Green Party

Catriona Lucy Scott Morris - Conservative

> Campbell Park & Old Woughton

Alexander David Chapman - Green Party

Zelia Olivia Edith Izydorczyk Dupont - UKIP

Peter Thomas McDonald - Conservative

David William Priest - Independent

Rosemary Snell - Liberal Democrats

David Wangusi - Labour

> Central Milton Keynes

Ashley James Allen - Green Party

Terry James Baines - Conservative

Marie Bradburn - Liberal Democrats

Darren James Kendrick - Independent

Paul Joseph Williams - Labour

> Danesborough & Walton

Alice Elizabeth Bramall - Conservative

Ellen Alexandra Jane Goodwin - Labour

Russell Frederick Houchin - Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Ridgway - Green Party

> Loughton & Shenley

Edis Bevan - Liberal Democrats

Andy Dransfield - Conservative

Keri Edmonds - Green Party

David Prendergast - Labour

David Michael Lee Reilly - UKIP

> Monkston

Andrew Giles Holcroft Buckley - Conservative

Kathryn Margaret Colgrave - Labour

Matt Drewett - Liberal Democrats

William Patrick Leahy - Green Party

> Newport Pagnell North & Hanslope

Carol Barac - Green Party

Jane Caroline Carr - Liberal Democrats

Brian Rodney Monro - UKIP

Lynn Patey-Smith - Conservative

Kacper Sidorowicz - Labour

> Newport Pagnell South

Paul William Day - Labour

Derek John Eastman - Liberal Democrats

Peter Edwards - Green Party

Richard Andrew Shaw - UKIP

Christopher Paul Wardle - Conservative

> Olney

Dee Bethune - Labour

Dana Green - UKIP

David George Hosking - Conservative

Tony Oyakhire - Liberal Democrats

Catherine Jean Rose - Green Party

> Shenley Brook End

Binta Bah-Pokawa - Labour

Stuart Gregory Constantine Burke - Liberal Democrats

Hiten Ganatra - Conservative

Michael David Gurner - Green Party

Geoffrey Stephen Winter - UKIP

> Stantonbury

Bob Benning - Liberal Democrats

Jennifer McElvie Marklew - Green Party

Anthony William Peirson - UKIP

Martin Ronald Petchey - Labour

Alex Walker - Conservative

> Stony Stratford

Paul John Bailey - Liberal Democrats

Philip John Blowfield - UKIP

Denise Anne Brunning - Conservative

Arshad Mahmood Majid - Labour

Ellie Spear - Green Party

> Tattenhoe

Leslie John Ive - UKIP

Valerie Kathleen - Liberal Democrats

Geetha Morla - Conservative

Andrew Hamish Pancheri - Green Party

Sue Sullivan - Labour

> Wolverton

Alan Herbert Francis - Green Party

Ronen Ghose - UKIP

Masoon Jehangir - Liberal Democrats

Peter Marland - Labour

Shouket Mirza - Conservative

Ann Elizabeth Parker - Left Unity-Trade Unionists and Socialists

> Woughton & Fishermead

Bassam Jundi - Green Party

Kenny Oshodi - UKIP

Donna Platt - Liberal Democrats

Anthony Spencer Tull - Conservative

Kevin John Wilson - Labour