Election night: It’s going to be a late one...

Election 2015: Join the Citizen's debate
Election 2015: Join the Citizen's debate

Planning on staying up for the election result in Milton Keynes on May 7? Then make sure you pack some strong coffee and a pillow because it is going to be a late one.

A timetable has been created for when every constituency is expected to declare its results.

And only six out of 650 constituencies are expected to announce their results later than the two Milton Keynes seats, which are due in at 7am on Friday morning.

The earliest result is likely to be Houghton & Sunderland South, which is set to be announced at 11pm.

14 hours later St Ives is expected to be the last to be called, with the Lib Dem marginal seat expected to be called at 1pm.

Council election results are not expected until later on Friday.

Don’t forget to follow the Citizen team on election night for all the gossip about Milton Keynes North and Milton Keynes South.