Electorate says YES to giving city people more power

Milton Keynes count
Milton Keynes count

The UK’s first Yes/No referendum resulted in an overwhelming YES in favour of adopting a fresh vision for Central Milton Keynes.

After five hours of counting up the votes, it was announced at stadium:mk on Friday evening that 89,801 people (84 per cent) voted Yes in the residential referendum in comparison to 17,133 No (16 per cent).

A vote in favour of CMK’s Business Neighbourhood Plan aims to give local people more power over the way CMK develops and grows.

This means protecting green open space and the grid road system, building new housing to a high standard, and providing vital amenities for a fast-growing population.

While the electorate for the business referendum was much smaller, 88.3 per cent voted Yes (356 businesses) and 11.7% voted No (47).

There were 6,454 unmarked or spoilt ballot papers. The turn-out was 61% for the residential referendum.