Email to councillor lands man in court

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A man who has spent two years campaigning for the council to make his flat more secure is being prosecuted for allegedly harassing a councillor.

Derrick Reid, 44, will appear before Milton Keynes Magistrates Court in May, after the local elections.

It is understood the prosecution will cost thousands of pounds.

The 44-year-old signs his emails to the council as The Angry Blackman with a signature picture of Samuel L Jackson holding a gun.

He first appeared in court last August charged with harassment of Milton Keynes councillors.

He was given a suspended sentence, which was later quashed on appeal.

Mr Reid was also issued with a restraining order not to contact any councillors or members of council staff with the exception of Simon Aslett, whose title is resident involvement manager.

Now Mr Reid faces two charges of breaking the restraining order by sending an email to Bradwell Labour councillor Pauline Wallis.

He is charged with emailing Councillor Wallis on two occasions “without reasonable excuse” while being prohibited from doing so by a restraining order.

This, say police, is contrary to the Protection from Harasment Act 1997.

Mr Reid has been emailing and calling councillors for the past two and a half years in to a bid to increase security on the communal entry system at his block of flats on Conniburrow’s Bramble Avenue.

It is understood his requested works have still not been carried out.