Emergency meeting: Terror attacks in Paris “should not divide us”

Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP
Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP

An emergency meeting against racist rows provoked by the Paris shootings is being backed by city MPs.

Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP will join with the Milton Keynes Equality Council on Friday to unite against violence after a Muslim woman was spat at on a Bletchley street last week.

Mr Stewart said: “The tragic attacks we saw on our televisions goes to remind us how much work we still have to do here at home.

“Any form of violence against any group in society is unacceptable and we will be articulating this message with one voice on Friday”.

The meeting has been called to help build community cohesion as Milton Keynes Equality Council remains determined to ensure communities and residents of Milton Keynes feel free to live, play, work, enjoy without the fear of hate crime or discrimination.

Mr Lancaster said: “After the shocking events in Paris, it is right we come together as a community and support each other.

“We can’t allow this to divide us and I am delighted to be working with the MK Equality Council in reassuring our faith groups and residents here in Milton Keynes”

Navrita Atwal, chief executive of MKEC said: “Milton Keynes Equality Council has called this meeting to hear the views of communities and how they are feeling.

“They will have an audience with the two MPs and lead agencies to ask questions and clarify points.

“We want communities of Milton Keynes to feel that they are supported. Building good community cohesion is important in order to restore confidence in communities.

“We want them to know that lead agencies are working together to create a safer city.

“This is also an opportunity for communities to tell us about any concerns they may have post the Paris shootings. “I know communities have been concerned and as a result of this we have called this meeting to hear their views and restore confidence.”

If you would like to join the multi-faith community engagement meeting, call 01908 606224/606828 or email chair@mkequalitycouncil.org.uk

It will be held on Friday at 6pm in the Milton Keynes Equality Council offices (352 – 390 Silbury Court West no. 3rd floor, meeting room 1, suite 388)