Emergency services warn of winter weather

MPMC Latest headlines
MPMC Latest headlines

Motorists are being advised to drive safely through the winter as temperatures drop, freezing already flooded roads.

Transport for Buckinghamshire has gritted primary routes, including main roads and bus routes, a total of 20 times over the winter season, but drivers are urged to take care as roads may still be slippery.

Motorists are being told to consider reducing their speed and allowing extra braking distance and driving to the conditions of the road they are on.

Emergency services also advised people to take into account their surroundings and to stick to main roads as they are more likely to have been salted.

Although roads may have been gritted, never presume that any road is completely free from icy patches. With the recent wet weather, there is also the chance of black ice forming, which is difficult to see when driving.

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation, Ruth Vigor-Hedderly, said: “It doesn’t take a severe snowstorm to require more care and attention when driving. We need to all take note when the weather is colder and remember that even though roads may look fine, isolated spots and areas that don’t see the sun may still be slippery.”

Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Service have seen a number of incidents on the roads recently. Inspector Colin Clark, from Thames Valley Police said: “Both services have attended numerous collisions, where drivers have not taken adequate care and consideration for driving in these conditions. More care is required driving in icy conditions, also ensuring that windscreens are fully defrosted before starting your journey.”

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service is frequently called to collisions where people’s vehicles need to be cut open to release them. Road Safety Manager Keith Wheeler said: “Never rush, even if the road conditions mean your journey is taking longer than expected. It’s better to take your time and make sure you arrive safely.”