Emily is dressed to impress for Wicked MK Theatre role...

Emily Tierney, starring in Wicked at MK Theatre
Emily Tierney, starring in Wicked at MK Theatre

At last, Wicked is in town!

The curtain rose on the hugely successful show on Tuesday evening, and the theatrical spell will continue for the next four weeks.



The story of the unlikely but profound friendship of two sorcery students has wowed worldwide and boasts more than 90 international awards tucked under its pointed hat.

The story is engrossing, the sets ambitious and brilliant, and the costumes?

Well, we’ll let Emily Tierner who plays Glinda tell you about those: “They are worth thousands of pounds, and I worry about messing them up constantly!” she says.

“When the set is moved from one venue to another it takes 10 trucks to do it, but I think the main problems are my costumes,” she says, speaking of their grandiose size and making them sound like those gowns seen on television in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...

“I did joke that if they had a few fairy lights under them they could be similar,” she laughs.

“The other day, Liam (Doyle, who plays Fiyero) walked off stage and trod on the back of the dress...I screamed!

“There have been a few wardrobe malfunctions actually,” she confesses, “I got my wand caught in a frock recently, which was a bit of a trauma.”

The dresses need lots of TLC and with a whole cast attire to care for, there is a core of five wardrobe staff, supplemented further by staff at each venue.

“I have an eight second change during the show too.

“I just stand there and six people strip me – it’s amazing.

“Of course there are hidden zips and things to make it easier, but they are meticulous and generally everything goes like clockwork.”

“I am more worried about the changes off stage than I am about the on-stage stuff!” she says.

But then Emily has long been a performer...even as a youngster she would put on shows with her brother.

“We were always brought up with a guitar in our hands or something,” she shares, “Will and I would do little shows.

“He would pretend to be Elvis and I would be his backing singer!” she giggles.

The acting and music bug stuck with both – Emily is also a classically trained singer and sibling Will is currently out on the road in Bill Kenwright’s Greatest Rock n Roll Tour, starring as Joe Brown.

“It would be nice for us to work together on something, and great for our poor parents who have to travel everywhere to see us!” she laughs.

Emily’s parents are teachers, so it would be understandable if they weren’t particularly enamoured with two of their children choosing the stage-stepping profession.

But not so.

“I have so many friends whose parents were apprehensive about them going into the business, but ours never once said ‘Are you sure about this?’ and I think they knew there was no way I wanted to do anything else...that said, I am sure they worry.

“They will just be happy that I am able to pay my tax bill!”

And with Emily signed up for a whopping two year run, the future really does look Wicked for the foreseeable!

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