Emotional film about carers of dementia patients in Milton Keynes

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The NHS’Specialist Memory Service in Milton Keynes has made a moving film about carers and patients with dementia in the Borough.

This comes as statistics show that the number of people in Milton Keynes with dementia is increasing and expected to reach 3,250 by 2021.

The video, which can be seen on the CNWL website at http://www.cnwl.nhs.uk/news/emotional-film-carers-dementia-patients/, shows interviews with carers about how invaluable CNWL’s Specialist Memory Service has been to them as they care for their loved ones.

The video was the idea of the carers who had attended the carer sessions at the Specialist Memory Service at Cripps Lodge in Broadlands.

They wanted to tell their stories about how beneficial and supportive coming to the groups were, and were also aware that people do not always come to the groups and wanted to support CNWL in promoting them.

During the video they reveal the stress receiving the news of a loved one’s diagnosis.

One carer talks about how devastating it was to hear her husband had Alzheimer’s, while another is in tears revealing her fears about her husband concerns that he may not remember her when his condition worsens.

The short film talks about the importance of carers meeting other people and in sharing the caring role and accepting the help that is available, rather than in taking on everything without support.

Specialist Memory Service team manager Ann Saunders said: “Our role is to help support patients and carers to adjust with this diagnosis and to provide as much support, education and care as we can. We provide information, we listen to carers and we share their worries and concerns.

“The overall message of the film is ‘Come and speak with us and find out about our support networks.’