Emporium is MK’s old curiosity shop

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Odd, bizarre and strange is the best way of describing a little shop tucked away in the backwoods of the city.

Branded ‘the weirdest shop in Milton Keynes’ and situated on a farm in Little Brickhill, Crystal Curios is a far cry from your usual city retail outlet.

Nonetheless, the store has built up a large network of customers since opening last October, including artists, tattooists and even medical professionals from universities.

“Often things that seem worthless actually have a lot of significance,” said Ian Dunmore, owner of Crystal Curios.

“We’ve had two museums purchase items from us, including a taxidermy that was made by a friend of Darwin.”

Other objects include a 50-year-old taxidermy cross between a crow and a rabbit also known as a ‘Crabbit’, and a resident skeleton from the Roman period, which lies disassembled in a cabinet.

“It’s like going into a creepy museum and once inside finding out you can buy it all and take it home with you,” said customer, Lena Fontes.

The shop opens Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. But be warned, Crystal Curios is not for the faint-hearted.