Enduring Love? OU boffins ask, ‘What makes your relationship last?’

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The hunt is on to find couples who can explain their enduring love.

Researchers at The Open University are inviting people to turn the spotlight on their relationship and participate in a study to find out why some unions are built to last.

It is all part of a two year project, called ‘Enduring Love?’, which aims to develop a picture of what a 21st century long-term relationship looks like.

Run by social science academics it involves research from online surveys, with over 5,000 completed so far, and optional in-depth interviews.

The OU boffins hope to discover what emotional and practical work couples do to keep their love long-lasting and what factors make up diverse relationship experiences.

Lead academics Dr Jacqui Gabb and Dr Janet Fink, senior lecturers in Social Policy at the OU, said: “Reflecting on your relationship is something that can be of value to couples and we hope that as many people as possible will take part in the online survey so that we can get a very broad range of examples.

“The results will help us understand what sustains relationships, even when things are challenging.

“The survey can be done completely anonymously, but for those who are willing we would like to set up follow-up, in-depth interviews to advance our research.”

Funded by the Economic & Social Research Council, the study’s interim results will be published in February 2013, with final results in 2014.

A book will be produced the following year culminating the study findings.

Insights from the survey may also be used to influence and help shape social policy related to home, pensions, care, housing and more.

To find out more about the study and to take part in the survey visit www.enduringlove.co.uk and click on the ‘Complete the Enduring Love questionnaire now’ tag on the right of the page.