Energy Show highlights city’s bright sparks

Free future energy show Wolverton
Free future energy show Wolverton

Wolverton’s Square was home to the town’s first Future Energy Show on Saturday at an exhibition aimed at raising eco-awareness at home and the surrounding area.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Alan Richards, and over 350 local residents. A variety of businesses were also in attendance, from local engineers and horticulturists to Anglian Water and Electric Vehicle providers.

There were a range of displays and exhibitions, including an open exhibition house and a proposed electric car pool for Wolverton.

Project Manager Elsie Bryant, said: “We wanted to do something that encourages people to be more energy efficient.”

Wolverton is in the running with a handful of other towns for an electric car pool trial. Last November, a similar electric car share scheme was launched in Paris to reduce congestion in the clogged French Capital, and has been greeted warmly.

Residents got to see one of the electric cars that would be used in the pilot trial. If brought to Wolverton, the scheme would give residents a new option for transport that would be both convenient and environmentally friendly.

The exhibition house open to the public demonstrated how local residents can easily transform their houses to reduce heat-loss. The Victorian end-of-terrace house can lose up to 85% of its heat through its walls, and is also protected by the conservation area’s building regulations.

Elsie said: “In other houses, at least 45% of all heat is lost through the walls. However, to encourage residents, we knew we had to find something easy and cheap.”

Work was carried out to insulate the house, and guests were shown how easy it would be to install on their own house.

The show was part of Future Wolverton, an organisation set up by the Wolverton Steering Group and the MK Christian Foundation. The event and work carried out associated with it was paid by the Department of Energy and Climate. The Department are issuing grants around the country in order to raise awareness of environmental issues, and to develop new local schemes to tackle climate change.

Other exhibitions at the show demonstrated energy efficient windows, heating systems, appliances, and also displayed a range of renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Marie Osborne of the Wolverton Steering Group said the event was a great success, and that the group were looking forward to “continuing to work with local residents to make Wolverton a more sustainable town.”

Copy provided by Gregg Bayes-Brown