Engineering firm looks to the 21st century

Iain Stewart visits Intertek
Iain Stewart visits Intertek

An engineering firm which has been based locally for nearly 200 years is looking for the next generation of engineers.

MP Iain Stewart visited Intertek, Milton Keynes, a leading UK engine test laboratory which has launched a recruitment drive encouraging trainees into an engineering and science career, testing the engines of the most exciting cars in the world.

Intertek has been providing automotive testing in Tickford for over 30 years, while its history goes back to 1820s in Newport Pagnell.

In the 21st century the company tests petrol, diesel and hybrid engines on behalf of leading vehicle manufacturers. Using recently installed state-of-the-art equipment, these tests include durability, performance and emissions development as well as testing the effectiveness of fuels and lubricants additives to meet UK and EU legislated and industry environmental standards.

Managing director Tony Braddon said: “It is an exciting time in the vehicle testing business as manufacturers worldwide respond to the current demand for improved engine performance, fuel and emissions efficiency, more stringent EU regulations and the growth of hybrid, electric and other engine technologies.

“At Intertek, we continue to invest in some of the best equipment in the world to make sure we continue to support the best manufacturers in the world.

“Two of the current directors of the company began their careers as trainees here and we believe that this is the best way to learn about this fascinating but complicated business. We are looking for four new trainees this year and we hope they will start a career that will last as long as ours.”

Iain Stewart MP said: “As UK companies continue to report far too few scientists and engineers for the jobs available, it is vital we encourage more young people in careers in science and technology and I am delighted that Intertek are offering young local men and women this opportunity.