Enjoy a slice of pizza and Bletchley Park history in Milton Keynes

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Pizza Express in Midsummer Arcade reopened with a stylish new look last week.

The revamped restaurant, which draws heavy inspiration from nearby Bletchley Park’s Word War II secret code-deciphering projects, has a new vibrant colour scheme and features new pendant lighting, upholstered chairs, fixed seating and flooring.

Artwork throughout the restaurant portrays Bletchley Park’s achievements.

Run by the Government’s Code and Cypher School, Bletchley Park regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers – most importantly the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers.

Shapes of the Enigma machine mechanism are located around the restaurant with large lettering referring to Enigma, the Morse Code and codebreaker Alan Turing.

At the revamped restaurant, the first floor has been completely transformed, redecorated with new chairs and full tea and coffee making facilities, and is ideal for meetings and special occasions.

A new projector has been installed and there’s room for 50 delegates or 60 people for private parties. The restaurant can also be booked for the famous Adult and Children’s Pizza Making Parties.

Restaurant manager Lorraine Clark comments: “We are incredibly excited to be relaunching our newly renovated restaurant in Midsummer Arcade and can’t wait to invite new guests and regulars inside to see the changes.”