Entertainment firms express ‘regret’ over delay to National Bowl plans


Tenants at the National Bowl have expressed their regret over news that redevelopment plans for the venue have stalled.

The Milton Keynes Development Partnership announced yesterday, Tuesday, that it had withdrawn preferred bidder status from investment firm Moirai Capital.

The ambitious plans included extensive improvements to the arena infrastructure as well as the UK’s largest indoor waterpark, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor football pitches as well as a 1.5km cycle track.

Clarke Osborne, chairman and CEO of Gaming International said the news was ‘very disappointing.’

“It is so frustrating the difficulties of the proposed operator of the water park should have such a catastrophic effect on the proposed redevelopment which would have increased capacity, improved the customer experience, improved the attraction to promoters of major music events and brought the arena into full multi-event capability.”

Paul Latham, chief operating officer of Live Nation added: “The opportunity for the Bowl to maintain its iconic status as an internationally revered venue still exists and the opportunity that is presented by this setback is to drive it forward as the heart of any development.

“The iconic status presents a rare opportunity to take a brand forward that needs no establishing, only bolstering.

“In the space of 14 months the Bowl has hosted concerts from the Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam and shortly the Foo Fighters, plus the innovative Electric Daisy Carnival electronic dance festival, attracting guests from all over the world to Milton Keynes,” he said.

“The partnership of Live Nation and Gaming International has secured top-flight acts for the Bowl and we are committed to developing and growing the Bowl’s reputation and commitment in the international music community.”