Entire block of flats left empty for five years in Milton Keynes

An entire block of flats in Bletchley has been empty for at least five years  while thousands of Milton Keynes people have been waiting for homes.

Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:47 pm
These flats have been left empty in Milton Keynes

The Beaverbrook Court flats are privately owned by West London based Gold Care Homes, who also own the next door Bletchley House, a 44 room residential care property.

The company is said to be looking at “alternative development for the properties, said ward councillor and Cabinet member Nigel Long this week.

Local community campaigner Lauren Townsend raised the issue with Mr Long.

These flats have been left empty in Milton Keynes

She has called upon MK Council to take over the empty properties and use them for homeless families or local people in need.

“I was shocked to see that flats could be left sitting empty for years,” she said.

Councillor Long has now suggested getting an alternative independent survey to agree a fair cost for the council to take over the properties.

He said: "It appears that Gold Care Homes have looked at working with the council to bring the properties back in to use, but are suggesting a high cost to the council".

The flats have been empty for 5 years

He added: "The London-based private company say there are only three flats and one house empty. I had a look and there were seven front doors, so the number of empty homes needs clarifying.

“I don’t think it right to leave properties empty because a private company may want to redevelop an area in the future. Redevelopment could take years. Property just cannot be left sitting empty.”

Lauren Townsend said: “I could not believe the state of the flats when I visited them. It cannot be tight to leave property empty when there is such a homelessness problem in Milton Keynes.

"I look forward to the council agreeing a way forward with Gold Care Homes.”