Coat of Hopes comes to Milton Keynes on its journey to the Glasgow climate summit

A special event is planned in Milton Keynes this Saturday.

Friday, 10th September 2021, 11:14 am

A symbolic coat is coming to Milton Keynes tomorrow (11 September), on its journey up to Glasgow for the climate summit.

The 'Coat of Hopes' will be on show at the Quaker Centre at 7pm for a ‘stitching stop’.

Guests are encouraged to bring along a stitch or a coat so they can be a part of symbolism which will be at the COP26.

Coat of Hopes

The coat is a patchwork garment made of embroidered pieces of blanket, created by a diverse range of people along a 500-mile walk.

Already on the coat are stitched griefs, remembrances, prayers and hopes connected to their local landscapes and stories of migration.

Campaigners started their journey with this coat back on 30 August, they are scheduled to arrive in Glasgow on 28 October.

Once completed organisers will invite the world leaders at the summit to try on the coat.

It's getting quite big already

A spokesperson said the idea is for these decision makers to 'feel the weight and the warmth of our hopes'.

Lewes artist Barbara Keal had the initial idea for the coat, organisers want stitching contributions from young mothers, men in prison, school children and refugees – every person is invited to make a patch.

Barbara said: “The coat will carry some voices that are rarely raised. It is not making a demand, but living a story.

"Its work is to share stories, build connections, start conversations and by its beauty, born of the energy committed to its creation and journey, maybe make that little space in which hearts can be changed”

COP stands for conference of all parties, it's the 26th annual summit of its kind.

Governing bodies hope an agreement can be reached between nations on how to tackle climate change. It is a 12-day event starting on 1 November.