Council under fire for using 'gas-guzzling and polluting' diesel car to ferry Mayor around Milton Keynes

Eco-conscious MK Council bosses have been slammed for choosing a "gas-guzzling" diesel Volvo as the official Mayoral car.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 11:04 am

The Volvo S80 car ferries the Mayor Sam Crooks and deputy mayor Andrew Geary to engagements.

This year it is also shared by the High Sheriff of Bucks Julia Upton MBE meaning it is on the road most of the time.

Former Tory leader and current city Alderman Paul Bartlett has called for the car to be ditched and an electric vehicle used instead.

Volvo S80

He said: "The council is polluting the atmosphere with this gas-guzzling diesel car while at the same time proclaiming to make MK the leader in green and environmentally friendly policies.

He added: "'It is hypocritical of the council to say on the one hand it is pushing for the whole town to be green whilst at the same time, whizzing its leading citizen, the Mayor, up and down the country and around the new town in a diesel car"

"Milton Keynes must back up its green and electric vehicle policies with credible action and no one is more able to do this than the Mayor of Milton Keynes."

Mayor Sam Crooks said he has no say on the car, which was rented by the council under a leasing contract.

An MK Council spokesman said: "The current vehicle (Volvo S80) is part of a council-wide leasing agreement that was let in 2018. An electric car is something we’ll consider when the current vehicle contract ends."

He added: "MK Council is the first in the UK to run an electric fleet for its children’s social carers, so we are in favour of electric."