Dangerous giant icicles form under Milton Keynes bridges during freezing February's exceptional cold snap

Council contractors are removing perilous icicles dangling from city bridges - while police are posting photos of 'stunning' icy effects.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 10th February 2021, 2:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th February 2021, 2:06 pm

The sub zero temperatures over the past few days have caused a host of problems for highway contractors Ringway.

They are not only having to deal with road surface temperatures as low as minus 7 degrees, but they are also having to keep a careful eye on all of MK's railway and road bridges.

The big freeze has caused giant icicles to form underneath many bridges, and if these broke off and fell on people or cars underneath, they could cause serious damage.

The icicles under bridges could fall on members of the public

A Ringway MK spokesman said: "As well as gritting we've also had to attend a number of bridges where large icicles had formed over redways and roads. Our team used a MEWP vehicle to lift the team up to allow their safe removal, avoiding any risk to road or redway users."

An MK Council spokesman confirmed it was "vital" for public safety to remove the icicles.

The council has warned there will be low road surface temperatures again tonight. Gritters are already out this afternoon gritting roads in preparation.

"Take extra care if out and about as there will be black ice in places," said the council spokesman,

Police took this photo of stunning icicles formed by cars splashing through puddles

Ringway said: "As temps remain low our gritting teams will be out from 1pm today and again at 1am tomorrow morning. We are expecting road surface temps as low as -7.3 deg c with black ice and frost predicted. Please drive to the conditions. "

Meanwhile Milton Keynes police have been appreciating how pretty the ice can be.

They posted a photo on social media of icicles formed on a hedgerow from cars splashing through puddles.

A spokesman said: " How beautiful is this work of art created by cars going through puddles and the water splashing up onto the hedgerow and then freezing? Absolutely stunning!"

Ringway contractors remove the bridge icicles

The spokesman added: "Please note that I am NOT encouraging drivers to go through puddles to create beautiful artwork."