New website launched to encourage green travel in Milton Keynes

A website has been designed to show residents the most sustainable way they can travel around the borough.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 11:00 am

A new travel website has been launched in Milton Keynes encouraging residents to take up the most sustainable option possible.

Called Get Around MK, it is similar to travel apps like Google Maps and Citymapper, you can check routes to get from one destination to another. Where the website differs from typical travel applications is it will also tell you emissions your journey will potentially create and the energy you could burn by choosing a more exercise-focused option.

When typing in a route, a person is shown how long it could potentially take to walk, cycle, drive or take public transportation to the destination, but also how much less pollution your journey will create in comparison to driving.

the new sustainable travel website for Milton Keynes

The scheme has been funded by Milton Keynes Council.

The website has been timed to capitalise on post-lockdown habits. There was a big uptake in cycling and walking during lockdown, with people turning to bike rides and walks, as ways to break up the monotony of home life. As well as 'stay local' restrictions limiting people's need to drive.

Other website features include: an online map showing the nearest available rental bikes and bus tracking.

Councilor Jenny Wilson-Marklew said: "Cycling and walking levels in some areas of MK were 58% higher in May 2020 compared to May 2019. We want to maintain the momentum created in sustainable travel beyond the pandemic and make greener and cleaner transport part of everyday life in MK.”

The website also highlights upcoming events designed to promote sustainable living, such as national bike week, this week.

A spokesperson for the council added: "The goal is to make it as easy as possible for local people to find a greener transport option that’s right for them."

You can visit the website here on or follow updates on social media @GetAroundMK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.